Friday, April 13, 2012

Flooding the Classroom with Technology Accomplished Nothing in Particular

Here's an article from the Economist:

Error Message: A disappointing return from an investment in computing

It happens in Peru too! If you dump a ton of technology or any other resources on classrooms and say, "Go!" not a lot is going to happen. Contrary to the beliefs of some folks, teachers are actually necessary for all of our students to learn- very, very few can plug in and "go".

It's simply a poor investment to buy tons of technology and not follow up with professional development for teachers. In all classrooms where I've seen digital technologies successfully implemented, the teacher has sought out professional development or has been coached on how to best implement the technology.

When my team was given a ton of stuff to use in our classrooms- classroom sets of laptops, SMART Boards, an online learning platform, etc.- we were bumbling around in the dark for quite a while. We gave up on a lot of it and some of it we adopted. The long and the short of it was that had we received professional development beforehand, we probably would have avoided the stuff we eventually ditched and kept the things we saw as useful, which would have saved a lot of taxpayer money in the long run...

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